Taxi Cop Update 20th August 2017

22nd August 2017

I know it was a quite night for most of you, but I was busy! Amongt other jobs, I worked with Council Enforcement Officers to deal with those Plying for Hire. As a result, 4 drivers (two of them out of towners) will be criminally interviewed for the offence and will update you with Committee and court results in the months to come. Less happily, I had to issue three tickets to drivers parking by the No Waiting Cones at St Augustines Parade.

Cab direct

Please don’t let it be you. I have ticket tonight! I have also given a ticket for three points and a fine to a driver and a fine to a driver parking on the zigzags of a pedestrian crossing. Some of you have told me about the problems at the O2. I will take a closer look at this area starting tonight

Thanks again for you r support, its much appreciated and keeps me going when I am tired and working alone. See you tonight.

PS. I forgot to say – two of the suspected Plyers were at Stokes Croft. See, I do get there sometimes

By: P.C. Quinton

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