NTA Bristol Membership Growing

NTA Bristol membersThe National Taxi Association (NTA) Bristol branch has seen a high rise in membership over the past two weeks.

The increase in membership has been prompted by the Temple Meads Permit Scheme which came into force on 1st March 2012. Non permit holders are not allowed to work at the Temple Meads Station and it is estimated that 70% of drivers do not have permit.

Campaign by the NTA to stop the permit scheme has received lot of backing from taxi drivers and that has stimulated the uptake of membership. Various sums have been donated towards this course from both permit and non permit holders, members and non NTA members.

At an emergency meeting held at the Redcatch Centre in Knowle on Sunday 11th March 2012, over 30 new members joined raising membership to about 200. Speaking to a registered member Norman Matthews, he said, “I have joined the Union because it is fighting for the welfare of Bristol taxi drivers and I want to be part of it”.

The Secretary of the Union, Morad Tighilt said, “Taxi drivers in Bristol have seen the importance of joining the NTA Bristol and the bigger our membership, the stronger we are to protect and promote our trade”. Pictures from meeting
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