Taxi Driver Equality Monitoring

Before we can consider any licensing policy changes, we have to think about who may be affected by the change. As part of this, we would like to ask you a few questions about yourself. By understanding the different equalities groups in the taxi trade we can see if possible policy changes might affect different […]

Drivers who leave their engines on when parked should be fined

Seven-in-10 drivers (72%) want to see councils tackle motorists who leave their engines running when parked with 44% of those saying officials should tell them to switch off and then fine them if they refuse, new RAC research* has found. While councils already have the power to take action against drivers who idle their vehicles […]

Taxi Cop Update 20th August 2017

I know it was a quite night for most of you, but I was busy! Amongt other jobs, I worked with Council Enforcement Officers to deal with those Plying for Hire. As a result, 4 drivers (two of them out of towners) will be criminally interviewed for the offence and will update you with Committee and court results in the months to come. Less happily, I had to issue three tickets to drivers parking by the No Waiting Cones at St Augustines Parade.

Greater Manchester News Two taxi drivers assaulted and cab stolen in brutal attack

Two taxi drivers were assaulted and a taxi was stolen in two brutal late-night attacks.

Two men took a taxi from Town Taxis in Rochdale to Belfield Road at around 1.30am on Wednesday, July 15.

Out of Town Taxis Invade Bristol

“They are taking our jobs and the council is not doing anything about it”, screams a good friend taxi driver of mine. Out of town taxis refer to taxis which work outside or away from the council in which they are licensed to operate.

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