(10 March 2012)

The Bristol branch of the National Taxi Association is suing First Greater Western Ltd over the legality of a taxi permit scheme at Temple Meads Station. The primary claimants on the action are Patricia Jones and Morad Tighilt.

We were informed that as an organisation we can only sue on behalf of our paid up members, not the entire Bristol taxi trade. Therefore, it was determined that applying for a full injunction suspending the permit scheme for the whole trade would have been refused. The trial may be between three to six months away, which would have left drivers in the current situation of either having to buy a permit from FGW or not plying for hire at Temple Meads Station for all of that time.

The Judge made the following order:
We must supply a list of all members of the Bristol branch of the NTA ("the A list") We must also supply a separate list ("the B list"), providing names and plate numbers, of those on the A list who have not applied for permits from FGW.

The NTA must pay into Court (NOT FGW) a sum representing 375 in respect of every member of the B list, such sums to remain in Court until trial of this action or further order. If we are successful at the trial that money will be returned to us by the court.

Every NTA member who has bought a permit will of course be able to continue working from TMS and will still be part of the legal action and if we are successful at trial FGW will have to refund their money. Members who have not bought a permit and are placed on the B list will be issued with a notice to display in their windscreen stating NTA "B" list.

FGW have undertaken to NOT impede or interfere with any taxis on the supplied B list and displaying the NTA "B" list badge whilst plying for hire from the TMS rank. This will not come into force until the lists have been filed and the moneys paid into the Court which must be completed before close of business Tuesday.

So to this end we are calling an emergency meeting for Sunday 11th March at the Redcatch Centre, Redcatch Road, Knowle from 3.45pm until 5.15pm to compile the lists, to discuss the NTA's financial situation, and the further costs and implications, should we lose at the trial stage.

We (Pat and Morad) are compelled by the Court to supply the lists and the moneys as described above within the specified time or face the very real possibility of being fined or jailed for contempt of Court. We have also had to undertake to use our best endeavours to ensure that every member of the "B" list will adhere To FGW's terms and conditions as if they were permit holders at Temple Meads Station.

Please attend the meeting. This is important to all drivers non-permit and permit holders alike also non members are welcome .We can only act on your instructions and we have a great deal of work to do in a very short time.

PS: The committee members are not responsible for members not attending the meeting. Decisions taken on the meeting will be fully binding to all members.

From Bristol NTA

Pat Jones (Chair)     Morad Tighilt (Secretary)