NTA BRISTOL MINUTES (16th March 2012)

  • Membership
  • It was decided that for the Union to be strong and effective, more members needed to be recruited
  • That new application form is created to simply collection of fees and to reflect the needs of members. Two membership types were created:
      • Gold – with insurance (£98)
      • Silver – without insurance (£80)
  • Distribution of application forms to drivers

2.  Temple Meads Station (TMS)

  • Meeting court order at Temple Meads Station
    • To display notices, speak and distribute leaflets to advise B list members on how to conduct themselves at TMS
    • To stick NTA permit on windscreen
    • Write badge and plate numbers on NTA permit stickers
    • Drivers to not park on double yellow lines or disable or bus lanes, or obstruct the free flow of traffic

3. Other Matters

  • Ways to generate more funding for the Union (not finalised)
  • Social fund raising dinner
  • Stickers
  • Further contribution collection

Members present:
Pat Jones (Chairperson), Morad Tighilt (Secretary), Bassam Shahin(Treasurer),
Adil Osman, Deliwar Potiwal, Fred Ali and Kamel Saker (Committee Members)

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