Membership Categories

Gold Membership includes the following:

The Committee Will:

1. Try its best to deal with the day-to-day problems for its members.
2. Try to represent members when possible and fight for their rights.
3. Help members to write letters in response to letters received from the licensing office.
4. Deal with issues such as fares, bus lanes, ranks, M.O.Ts, camera van, re-regulation,
    extension of the life of vehicles, the licensing office, lack of enforcement and other problems
    facing drivers.
5. Work with the police for the benefit of drivers
6. Subject to conditions members can be provided with comprehensive insurance package
    which includes:
   a. Legal expenses insurance up to 50,000 in any one year
   b. Pursuit of claim for compensation for injury or death caused by negligence of a third
       party including road traffic accidents.
   c. Criminal prosecution defence
   d. Professional fees relating to an in depth inland revenue investigation
   e. The cost of an appeal following suspension or revocation of a Hackney Carriage Licence

Silver Membership:
Includes all the above with the exception of the benefit of the insurance cover.

Other Notices and Minutes